25 Decorating Ideas for Farmhouse-Style Bedrooms

Bright and Airy Is the Key

Farmhouse bedroom with Ralph Lauren wallpaper

You don’t have to live on a farm to decorate in farmhouse style; you don’t even have to live in a rural area. You just need to embrace the casual feel and nod to the tradition and underlying heart-of-the-country vibe that typifies this welcoming, warm, and easy decorating style.

This bedroom demonstrates the emphasis on light and spaciousness that typifies traditional farmhouse style. 

Old and New Mix

Yellow and white country bedroom
 Decorating Decor and More

Modern farmhouse style celebrates the traditional even while embracing the contemporary. Using found objects, antiques, or old-timey memorabilia as decor is a popular way to decorate a farmhouse bedroom.

Here, three vintage straw hats add charm above the headboard. All other items, though, are new reproductions of classic items.

Fireplace in the Bedroom

Fireplace in country bedroom
 My Paradissi

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, like the serene farmhouse bedroom from the wonderful decorating blog My Paradissi shown here, you’re already halfway to country farmhouse style.

If you don’t, but wish you did, consider installing one of the many faux fireplaces now available, which look real but require no chimney or wood, and which produce no flames or ashes.

Shiplap Walls

Bedroom with shiplap walls
 House of Turquoise

Shiplap walls are a hallmark of farmhouse style. Often white, but sometimes colored in soft hues, like the pale grayish-green shown here, these wood-clad walls add a warm touch that almost feels nostalgic.

If you are unable to panel your walls with real wood, check out a “so real-looking you’ll have to get up close to tell the difference” shiplap-design wallpaper.

Repurposing Found Objects

Wall covered with shutters
 Thistlewood Farms

Repurposing, recycling, and “making do” are ways of life on the farm, and that outlook extends to the décor. While old shutters are a great substitute for a traditional headboard, you can take the idea even further, as decorating blog Thistlewood Farms did here.

An entire wall of old shutters is an unexpected—and entirely wonderful—way to add whimsy and eye-catching style to a farmhouse bedroom.

DIY Headboard

Farmhouse bedroom with rustic wood headboard
 Buckets of Burlap

Rustic wood and repurposed items are commonly found in the farmhouse style. For example, why settle for a traditional headboard when you could have a roughhewn and entirely wonderful ​DIY headboard made from old boards?

And who needs a regular footboard when a vintage metal washtub makes such a unique substitute? Farmhouse blog Buckets and Burlap show off both ideas in this cozy charmer of a master bedroom. 

Classic Quilts

Farmhouse bedroom with wicker trunk
 Comfy Dwelling

Quilts and the farmhouse decorating theme go together like peanut butter and jelly. While you might be able to find a vintage quilt online, at an antique mall, or in a specialty shop, feel free to purchase a new quilt that merely appears to be old.

Layering a quilt over a bedspread, as in the room shown here, is another hallmark of the farmhouse style.

Girl’s Farmhouse Bedroom

Girl's farmhouse bedroom
 Something is Done

The farmhouse theme works just as well in a preteen or teen’s bedroom as it does in the master suite. Here, a charming modern farmhouse girl’s bedroom is sweetened with touches of pink, a small chandelier, and floral-decorated straw hats as wall art.

The unfinished and painted ceiling with exposed rafters is essential to the rural feeling of this room.

Yellow and White Color Scheme

Yellow and white country bedroom
 Comfy Dwelling

Buttery yellow is a classic farmhouse hue. Cheery as sunshine, warm and welcoming as a country hug at the end of the day, versatile enough to work with just about any other color, yellow walls set off the overall soft color scheme so prevalent in this casual decorating style.

Yellows and white together create the clean, bright look essential to farmhouse style.

Four-Poster Beds and Rocking Chairs

Farmhouse guest room
 Photo: Farmhouse5540

Two pieces of furniture you’ll often find in the farmhouse bedroom are a four-poster bed and a traditional wooden rocking chair. Put together, as in this authentic farmhouse bedroom from blog Farmhouse5540, and you have a room that feels as warm and easy as a visit to Grandma’s back when you were a kid.

Whites Predominate

Cute farmhouse bedroom

While there is no set palette for farmhouse style, you’ll generally find plenty of white, along with soft color for accents. Case in point: this peaceful, country-farm bedroom from blog Farmhouse 5540.

The wooden bench at the foot of the bed, along with the use of baskets for storage are other hallmarks of farmhouse style.

Pictures of Farm Life

A Farmhouse Bedroom
 Savvy Southern Style

What better way to add color to your farmhouse bedroom than with artwork portraying scenes of farm life? Or even better, a whimsical and unexpected picture of a cow or other farm animal, as in this adorable bedroom from Savvy Southern Style.

Nightstand Alternatives

Country bedroom with rooster sign
 Photo: Savvy Southern Style

No need for a traditional nightstand when you have an antique trunk ready and willing to step into place. Top it with an old-timey lamp, small pitcher, and vintage clock in a cute wicker tray, then back the whole tableau up with a classic country rooster sign, and you have this wonderful country farmhouse bedroom from Savvy Southern Style.

Wooden Chair Makeover

Turquoise chair as nightstand

Found an old wooden chair at a tag sale that has seen better days, or is scraped and chipped? No problem! Just treat it to a fresh coat of paint, then wear at the edges a bit to create a timeworn appearance.

Voila, you have a perfect spot to sit and pull on your shoes in the morning or a substitute for a traditional bedside table. Fresh cut flowers are always a nice touch in farmhouse-style decor.

Sliding Barn Doors

barn door in bedroom
 Carolyne Ferguson Design

It’s not a farm without a barn, and it’s not a barn without a sliding barn door. The look has caught on in the interior decorating world over the past few years, and why not?

With no need for room to swing, a sliding door takes up less foot space in the room, making it a  great solution for tiny bedrooms. The worn turquoise barn door here is in a bedroom from Carolyn Ferguson Design.

Serene Is the Goal

Country cottage bedroom
 Tone on Tone

Decorate a farmhouse bedroom (or any bedroom, really) all in white, and you create a space that is airy, fresh, and oh-so-serene. For proof, take a look at the peaceful and casual room shown here, from blog Tone on Tone. So lovely. Every element here speaks to rural life.

Soft Colors Also Work Well

Turquoise painted nightstand
 Margot Austin

While soft creamy white is classic for farmhouse style, there is no reason you can’t add soft color if you like. Here, designer and stylist Margot Austin shows off the power of soft color. Pale lavender and soft blue are pretty and fresh without detracting from the casual, peaceful vibe that makes farmhouse style so wonderful.

Farmhouse-Style Can Be Contemporary

farmhouse bedroom
 Muskoka Living

Farmhouse style doesn’t have to mean unsophisticated or even old-fashioned, although it always celebrates the spirit of the traditional. When done right, as in the gorgeous bedroom from design firm Muskoka Living shown here, farmhouse style can actually be rather sophisticated and contemporary.

Seating Nook

country reading nook
 Muskoka Living

Every bedroom deserves a comfortable spot to sit and think or pull on your shoes before heading out in the morning, and your farmhouse bedroom is no exception. A comfortable small armchair, a nearby ottoman to prop your feet, and a light close enough to use for reading is all you need. The cute bedroom here is from Muskoka Living.

Usefulness Is the Essence

Peaceful country bedroom
 Muskoka Living

Part of what gives farmhouse style its casual, airy, and peaceful vibe is the lack of clutter or fuss. Instead, the decor is mostly useful, with just enough accents and purely decorative pieces to give the room personality and style. For a perfect example, check out this room from Muskoka Living.

Minimalist Style

Peaceful farmhouse bedroom
 Jenny Wolf Interiors

While minimalism is a contemporary trend, it can be adapted to a farmhouse look, as demonstrated in this small, simple, restful bedroom from Jenny Wolf Interiors. No more than what you need, no less than what it takes to make a bedroom comfortable and functional.

Splashes of Bright Color

colorful farmhouse bedroom
 Daily Herald

Sometimes, you just want to add a splash of lively color to your bedroom, even though it’s decorated in a style that generally leans towards softer hues. If so, feel free to indulge yourself: After all, the only real law in interior decorating is that you should love your space.

Here, a farmhouse-style bedroom lights up with the addition of a colorful quilt and shams. The rest of the room, however, is subdued, in keeping with the classic farmhouse style.

Simple Patterns Are Classic

farmhouse bedroom with metal bed
 Home Tree Atlas

Farmhouse style isn’t one for a lot of patterns or a wide palette full of color. The lovely bedroom here shows off a typical look: Classic stripes and a simple trellis are the only patterns, while the small touches of red are the only break in the otherwise neutral color scheme. The overall effect is restful, airy, and fresh.

Dresser Top Accent Pieces

Dresser decorated in farmhouse style
 Simply Beautiful by Angela

Wondering how to decorate the dresser top in your farmhouse bedroom? Then take some tips from blog Simply Beautiful by Angela, and show off a few classic country farmhouse collectibles. A metal jug with a sprig of cotton bolls, glass jars, and heavy candlesticks add adorable style to the room.

A Romantic Version of Farmhouse Style

Beautiful farmhouse bedroom
 Love Grows Wild

How do you add romance to a rustic farmhouse bedroom? Why not take a tip from blog Love Grows Wild, and hang a gauzy length of fabric from a ceiling beam? Who wouldn’t love to fall asleep in this lovely bedroom?

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